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A limestone water feature

Limestone walls, landscaping, artificial grass and paving from HQ Limestone Baldivis and Rockingham WA

Water Features


What do you feel when you hear the sound of running water?

It’s a sound that’s immediately identifiable, making us feel calm and relaxed, reminding us of days spent in holiday pools, swimming in the ocean, or out in nature next to a flowing river.

So when you choose to install a water feature with us, just imagine the peacefulness you will feel in your backyard, every single day.

Whether you have a pool or not, choosing a pond, fountain or ‘wall’ of water, is a luxury worth having. The advantages of being near water, and listening to the sounds of running water, are too numerous to count, with reduced stress and anxiety an immediate benefit.

In fact, it’s been scientifically proven, that when we are near water an immediate response is triggered in the body, releasing chemicals that increase blood flow to the brain and heart, inducing relaxation and promoting wellness.

It’s no surprise to us that our customers who have chosen to install the luxury of a water feature, continue to rave about the benefits. Water features also help to reduce noise pollution and improve air quality.

And at HQ Limestone, with 35 years of experience bringing elegance and style to the backyards of Perth, we know a thing or two about installing water features that bring calm and peace to your backyard – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

With a huge variety of options available, we can source, design and install a water feature to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

So be the envy of your family, friends and neighbours, and turn your backyard into the resort style space you’ve always dreamed of.

Choose a water feature as a luxury addition to your entertaining area that will bring peace, calm and a feeling of relaxation to your home.  Call us today for a quote.


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