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Unless you live in the country or on a few acres, everywhere you look in your backyard, there’s a fence ….. so it’s got to look good…. right?

HQ Limestone, with over 35 years of experience in enhancing your outdoor living space, are happy to help with all your fencing needs.

Gone are the days of only a few choices – cement board fence (old Super 66), cyclone and steel fencing.  These days there are a variety of options available.

Let’s look at the choices:

  • Metal Fencing : Usually made from steel, these fences are a popular option as they are available in many colours to suit your home. They are quick and easy to install and you can use them in conjunction with brick retaining walls. The cons though are that they are easily damaged and susceptible to dents and rust. They are good for privacy, but have few noise reduction qualities.
  • Slat Fencing : A stylish option these days, slat fences are usually made with aluminium and look great, being able to incorporate unique designs too. Be aware, however, they offer less privacy than standard fencing and have little to no noise reduction.
  • Brick Wall or Limestone Wall Fencing : When you want to have heightened security and a high level of noise reduction, creating your fences with bricks is a great option.  You can also incorporate wrought iron in places to create an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Pool Fencing : These days you can incorporate glass and brushwood fences around your pool to add a feeling of style and space; a great way to enhance the look of your outdoor living areas.
  • Modular Walls : A premium fencing choice, modular walls look good, can be rendered in the colour of your choice, and offer great noise reduction.
  • Timber Fences : Although a popular option in previous years, the Perth weather can take its toll on wood.  Timber is not recommended these days as a high level of maintenance is required to keep them looking good.

So now you know your options, give us a call for a quote and choose a fence that will compliment your outdoor living space with style.

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