Limestone & Feature Walls

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An example of the complete landscaping we provide.

The image below is a limestone retaining wall with steps designed and built by HQ Limestone.

Limestone and Feature Walls


‘Wow’ is exactly what your family, friends and neighbours will be saying when they see your new Limestone Walls.

Limestone adds a distinctive touch of elegance to a home, doesn’t it?

That’s why you’ve spent hours searching the Internet for ‘the best’ Limestone specialist in Perth.  Well, look no further - Limestone and Feature walls are our specialty and we have a reputation for providing top quality workmanship and excellent construction for creative projects, large and small, across Perth.  You name it – we can build it.

But Limestone isn’t just about how great it looks – there are several other benefits to consider:

  • Strong and durable – Limestone has been a popular choice for builders across centuries because of it’s strength, and the pyramids built by the Ancient Egyptians over 2 thousand years ago are still standing today!
  • Fire resistant – that’s a big benefit here in Perth, right? In a bushfire, Limestone can act as a firebreak.  In very intense heat, although unlikely, it can sometimes crumble, but when you have Limestone around your home, you can rest-assured it’s never going to catch fire!
  • Locally produced – with an abundance of natural resources, we get our products directly here in WA, and you’re assisting the local economy when you purchase and install with us.
  • Value for money – when compared to other options and taking into consideration it’s durability and minimal maintenance, installing a Limestone Wall is very affordable….it just looks like a million dollars!

So, with over 35 years of experience and literally hundreds of installations and happy customers, there’s no doubt HQ Limestone can install your Limestone and Feature Walls that will give you the WOW factor you are looking for.

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