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Getting garden and landscaping supplies is really simple at HQ Soils and Stone.

You’ll find a wide choice of supplies for all your needs.

  • Washed white sand for the kids sand pit
  • Cracker dust for paving or hardstands
  • Various mulches for your garden requirements
  • Wood chips another option for your garden

And if you’re looking for longer-lasting garden area products, you can choose from:

  • peagravel or
  • quartz stone
Mulch selections from HQ Soils and Stone

A variety of garden mulches

Call us to discuss which of these garden and landscaping products will work best for you…

0407 071 203

or call in at 22 Seabrook Way Medina

We provide delivery to Rockingham, Baldivis, Kwinana and surrounding suburbs.

Sands available for many uses in gardens, sand pits and landscaping for Rockingham and surrounding suburbs

Sands selections

Gravels for hardstand and driveways

Gravels for hardstand and driveways

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